Peter Chiene Lecture

The next Peter Chiene Lecture will be delivered on 31 January by Professor Caroline Humfress of the University of St. Andrews at 17.30 in the Usha Kasera Lecture Theatre in Old College. Her title is “Beyond (Roman) Law and Empire”. See

Professor Humfress is a distinguished legal historian, currently based at the university of St Andrews where she is Professor of Medieval History. She is Director of that University’s Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research. A leading scholar of late antiquity, Professor Humfress is currently working on a monograph entitled Multilegalism in Late Antiquity.

Peter Chiene was an Edinburgh graduate in law and philosophy. He was fascinated with Scottish legal history and after his early death the Chiene Lecture in legal history was founded in his memory by friends and relatives.

Peter Chiene Lecturer, Jean-Louis Halpérin, to be awarded Sarton Medal

This Blog is delighted to report that the University of Ghent have decided to award the Sarton Medal in Law, 2015, to Jean-Louis Halpérin, due to give the Peter Chiene Lecture in Edinburgh on 9 October. The award will take place in Ghent on 29 October. Previous recipients include Emmanuele Conte, Robert Feenstra, Anne Lefebvre-Teillard, Randall Lesaffer, Jos Monballyu, and Serge Dauchy.

Peter Chiene Lecture in Legal History

On 9th October, 2015, the Chiene lecture in Legal History will be given by Professor Jean-Louis Halpérin (École normale supérieure, Paris) at 5.30 p.m. in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Old Medical School, Teviot Place. His topic will be: “The Invention of Legal Orders: Historical Comparisons between Roman, Chinese and Jewish Laws”. It is open to the public.

_HALPERIN%20Jean-Louis[1]Click here for poster Peter Chiene Lecture 2015