Chiene Lecture 10 May. Change of venue to St Leonard’s Hall

The Centre for Legal History apologises, but it has proven necessary at the last moment to change the venue of Professor Prévost’s lecture. This will now take place in the St Trinnean’s room in St Leonard’s Hall in Pollock Halls of Residence, best approached by Holyrood Park Road. This is just behind the Commonwealth Swimming Pool. You need to enter Pollock Halls by the Main Gate and it is the second of the two huge mansion houses. Starting off from around Waverley Staton it takes by 5-10 minutes by taxi or around 25 minutes by bus. For the latter the 30 or 31 to the Commonwealth Pool takes about 25 minutes, starting from Princes Street opposite the Scott Monument. There are many buses that go down Newington Road, one block over four the pool, so a short walk is necessary at the end(37, 3, 21 etc). If it suits, all of these buses can be picked up on the South Bridge.

A brisk walk should get you there from the station in 30 minutes.

If you have any queries, please contact J W Cairns at