Jean-Louis Halpérin: Medal CNRS

It is a pleasure to see that our distinguished colleague, Jean-Louis Halpérin, has been awarded the silver medal of the CNRSS. Professor Halpérin is a truly outstanding scholar, both creative in his own work, as well a great facilitator and encourager of the work of others. These medals are awarded for the importance, quality and originality of the work of the recipients. Professor Halpérin has gained his in “Sciences du Droit”. He is professor of law at the Ecole normale supérieure as well as Director of the Centre de Théorie et Analyse du Droit at Université Paris Nanterre. See medallists.

From his early work on the Revolutionary through to the Napoleonic period, Professor Halpérin has been at the forefront of legal-historical scholarship. In recent years he has been a major developer of ideas of global legal history.

From an Edinburgh perspective, it is worth noting that Professor Halpérin delivered the peter Chiene Lecture in 2015. See here