Guido Rossi: Regulating maritime trade at the dawn of early-modern Europe

It is rather short notice, but it is worth posting the reminder:
Monday, 2nd of October, 2023

12h PM Helsinki, 10h AM UK

Regulating maritime trade at the dawn of early-modern Europe


Maritime trade played a crucial role in the economic development of western Europe. During the Middle Ages, the increase in trade led to its increasingly complex regulation; in its turn, such a regulation had a profound influence on the development of trade. This connection is so deep that it is not possible to appreciate the development of maritime commerce without looking at the rules underpinning it. This paper will provide an introduction to the main aspects of this complex subject, ranging from insurance to averages, looking especially at the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Guido Rossi’s biography:

Guido Rossi read law at Pavia (Italy) and Cambridge. After a short spell at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, he moved to Edinburgh in 2013. Guido is particularly interested in the medieval and early modern history of civil, canon and commercial law.

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