Jacques Cujas Quincentenary: Colloquium, Collège de France, 28-29 March

This year sees the quincentenary of the birth of Jacques Cujas, one of the most important and influential jurists of the sixteenth century; his sophisticated humanistic analysis is still valued by scholars of Roman law. It is worth noting that he exerted considerable influence in Scotland, both as a teacher and as a writer. But like all such men he is not only his own creation but that of others. Later scholars, one suspects, created the Cujas they wanted.

Over 28-29 March, Xavier Prévost of the Univeristé de Bordeaux, Dario Mantovani of the Collège de France, and Alexandra Gotteley of the Bibliothèque Cujas have organised a major colloquium at the Collège de France devoted to the great scholar, associated in most contemporaries’ minds with the university of Bourges. There are also two related exhibitions, one online or virtual and and the other physical, at the Bibliothèque Cujas. Professor Prévost has recently published a major assessment of Cujas and his work; this conference promises to develop further our understanding of the man, his work, and his general significance. 


For the programme, click on the link below