Research Students in Legal History Graduate

On 1 December, the first actual graduation ceremony in law since the first lockdown during the current pandemic took place at the University of Edinburgh. The December graduation is mainly that of postgraduate students. Two research students from the Centre for Legal History of Edinburgh took their degrees. Marc Campbell graduated with an LL.M. by research for a dissertation entitled “Education and Enlightenment: How the forms of education available during the Enlightenment affected the development of the legal profession in Scotland”. Kane Abry-Diaw De Baye graduated with the degree of Ph.D. having written a thesis entitled “The Construction, Sources, and Implications of Consensualism in Contract: Lesson from France”. Of course, while graduation is a time of celebration, one often as a supervisor is conscious of a loss, having worked closely with someone for some time.  The new graduates are photographed below, Marc on the left, and Kane on the right.