New Book: Fletcher, Justice and Society in the Highlands of Scotland

Readers of this blog may remember that in September 2020 we noted the award of the Degree of PhD to Charles Fletcher for his thesis entitled “Justice and Society in Strathspey: The Regality Court of Grant, c. 1690-1748”. At the start of his researches, he also participated in a small conference held when we awarded to degree of LLD, honoris causa, to Wolfgang Ernst. The Blog is delighted to note that Charles has just published a book based on a revised version of his thesis, entitled “Justice and Society in the Highlands of Scotland: Strathspey and the Regality of Grant, c. 1690-1748”. It is published by Brill, ISBN 978-90-47251-8, and appears in the series Legal History Library, as volume 53, ISSN  1874-1793. it is a fine piece of work, opening up new areas of research, and revising our understanding of heritable jurisdictions in Scotland in this era.

Cover Justice and Society in the Highlands of Scotland