Law and Life of Pompeii: 1 October 2021, Brasenose College, Oxford

The new discoveries at Pompeii and the growth of interest in the insights into law provided  by archaeology and vice versa have led to the organisation of a conference at Oxford by Peter Candy of the University of Edinburgh and Marguerite Ronin of the C.N.R.S. The meeting brings together specialists from a range of disciplines to discuss the role of Roman law in the governance of Pompeii and the everyday lives of its inhabitants.  Inspired by John Crook’s classic  ‘Law and Life of Rome’, this new initiative takes a fresh look at some challenging questions concerning the relationship between law and society in the Roman world through the lens of the archaeological and epigraphic evidence at the site of Pompeii together with the classical juristic texts. The meeting will take place on Friday 1 October at Brasenose College, Oxford, with support from the John Fell and Craven funds.
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