The French Viceroy

France is of course a republic; but it still has at least one vice-roi! The river Bidassoa, in the Basque country, divides Spain from its northern neighbour. In the middle of the river is the île des Faisans, though there are no pheasants on it, at least according to Victor Hugo. Sovereignty over this island is shared between the two states, with each taking a six-month control. During that period, the relevant functionary is described as the Viceroy. In the job description of the relevant French functionary, found in the Journal official de la République française of 20 July 2017, who has other, perhaps more taxing, duties, he/she is described as exercising “les functions du vice-roi de l’île des Faisans”. The French period of responsibility starts on 1 August, so the viceroy will just have entered into exercise of the office, which will be held until 31 January. See Le Monde, 2 Aug. 2019