What’s Happening in Black British History VIII

The Agenda has just been announced for “What’s Happening Black British History VIII”, to be held at the University of Huddersfield on Thursday 10th May, jointly organized by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and the University. The agenda is as follows:

What’s Happening in Black British History? VIII
Workshop Agenda
10:00 Registration

10:30 Welcome
Sue Onslow Acting Director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies

10:40 Session One Black ‘visitors’ to Britain

Chair Miranda Kaufmann

‘The Honour of the Nation’: Black Prisoners of War at Portchester Castle, 1793-1814
Abigail Coppins (English Heritage)
‘With Almost Electric Speed’: Mapping Black Abolitionists in Britain
Hannah Rose Murray (University of Nottingham)
The “English Inning” of Claude McKay, Transnational Writer and Socialist
Owen Walsh (University of Leeds)

12:00 Coffee Break

12:15 Session Two Black British History on stage

Chair Michael Ohajuru

Reflections on Black Men Walking
Testament (writer, rapper and world record holding beatboxer)
Movement of the People: A journey through the development of Windrush: Performance and people
Sharon Watson (Phoenix Dance Theatre)
Pablo Fanque: pomp, pageantry and race in Victorian Circus
Joe Williams (University of Leeds, Heritage Corner, Leeds)

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Session Three Black British History in Yorkshire
Chair Tosh Warwick

Here From Time: Stories from Yorkshire’s Black History.
Audrey Dewjee (Independent researcher, Diasporian Stories Research Group)
Soldiers of African origin in British Army Regiments in England and Yorkshire, 1700s to 1840s.
John Ellis (Historian and Teacher)
British-born African Caribbean descendants in West Yorkshire, navigating race and identity from the 1960s to present
Milton Brown (University of Huddersfield, Kirklees Local TV)
My Search For Black British History: Black Americans In Victorian Huddersfield
Jeffrey Green (Independent Historian)

16:00 Coffee Break

16:15 Colonial Countryside: Reinterpreting English Country Houses
Corinne Fowler (University of Leicester)

Session Four The musical legacies of slavery in Britain
Chair Paul Ward

Blackface minstrelsy and Black Studies
Rachel Cowgill (University of Huddersfield)
The Use of the Profits of Slavery to Support Musical Activity in Eighteenth-century Britain and its Colonies
David Hunter (University of Texas at Austin)
Tiger Bay and the roots/routes of black British Jazz
Catherine Tackley (University of Liverpool)

17:40 Reception/ Opening of Let’s Play Vinyl Exhibition

For registration: https://commonwealth.sas.ac.uk/events/event/15639

See also http://www.mirandakaufmann.com/blog/agenda-announced-for-whats-happening-in-black-british-history-viii-at-the-university-of-huddersfield