Ancient Law in Context – Workshop 6 – “Procedure”

Readers of this blog may be interested to know of the next ALC workshop to be held on January 29 – 30, 2016 in Edinburgh. Programme below:

Ancient Law in Context: Workshop 6

29 – 30 January 2016

University of Edinburgh



Friday 29 January


Venue: Old College [Neil MacCormick Room]

12.30 – 1pm: Arrival [Tea and Coffee]


Session 1


1 – 2pm: Jose Luis Alonso Rodriguez – “Etiam cum inique 

decernit: jurisdictional discretion in the Late Republic and the Early



2 – 3pm: Anna Dolganov – “Case-law and the work of judges in the Roman Empire.”


3 – 4pm: Jakub Urbanik – “Between arbitration and rescript procedure or the force of the imperial court.“


4 – 4.30pm: Tea, Coffee


4.30 – 5pm: Lina Girdvainyte – “C. Poppaeus Sabinus in Thessaly (IG IX 2.261, 15-35 CE): Territorial dispute resolution under Rome.”


5 – 5.30pm: Kimberley Czajkowski – “Trial narratives in Josephus.”


5.30pm – 6pm: Michael Crawford – “The Roman law of procedure, Ivo of Chartres, and the beginning of research on ancient slavery.”


6 – 7pm: Drinks


7.30 pm: Dinner at Ciao Roma


Saturday 30 January


Venue: HCA [G. 12, William Robertson Wing (The Old Medical School)]


9.30 – 10am: Tea, Coffee


Session 2


10 – 11am: Mirko Canevaro – “The Procedure of Demosthenes’ Against Leptines: How to Repeal (and Replace) an Existing Law.”


11 – 11.30am: Edward Harris – “The Legal Procedure of Demosthenes’ Against Meidias.”


11.30 – 12 noon: Pier Luigi Morbidoni – “Gaius, Inst. 3.55 and friends.”


12 noon – 12.30: Halcyon Weber – “Further thoughts on the existence of a ‘Liber quinquaginta decisionum.'”


12.30 – 1pm: Benedikt Eckhardt – “Manumissio per mensam.”


1pm: conclusion and lunch



Although this is a closed meeting, there are some spaces available for interested third parties wishing to join us for the sessions. Please email Paul du Plessis for more information.