The English Legal Imaginary, Part II: St Andrews Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Law and literature

The Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Law and Literature at the University of St Andrews is hosting the Conference,  “The English Legal Imaginary, Part II”, 1-2 May, 2015, taking place in the School of English. This will follow on from Part I, held at Princeton University, New Jersey, on 17-18 April (for which see

These conferences will involve leading scholars working at the intersections of law, politics, literature and history in early modern England. The conference papers will contribute to the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of English Law and Literature, 1500-1700. Topics include: Roman law and common law; law and drama; law and education; equity, legal reform and literary censorship.

There is really no need to inform readers of this Blog of the importance of the topic nor of the exciting nature of the publications that will result. Those who work on Ancient Law and Society or on the history of Scots law are well aware of the importance of these intersections as constituting an important field of research.

Speakers at St Andrews will include: Martin Butler, Bradin Cormack, Alan Cromartie, Steve Hindle; Rab Houston, Lorna Hutson, David Ibbetson, James McBain, Subha Mukherji, Joad Raymond, Carolyn Sale, James Sharpe, Erica Sheen, Quentin Skinner, Virginia Lee Strain, Elliott Visconsi, Ian Williams, Jessica Winston, and Andrew Zurcher.

The registration fees for this conference are: £30 for students and unwaged, and £40 for waged participants. This fee covers lunch and coffee/tea breaks on both days, in addition to the conference dinner on Friday 1, and the closing wine and cheese reception on Saturday 2 May.

This Blog is advised that places are limited, so early registration is important. Only those who are registered will be admitted to the conference; there are no drop-in sessions.

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