Schola Serviana Iuris Romani

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(Photo on the left – from left to right – Professors Carlos Amunátegui, Jakob Stagl, Pascal Pichonnaz, Patricio Carvajal, Andreas Wacke and Dr. Paul du Plessis. – Photo credit: Patricio Carvajal.)

This week, this blogger had the privilege of taking part in a unique doctoral programme hosted by the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile. The project blurb is the following:

“The Schola Serviana Iuris Romani, Academy of Roman Law from Chile, has organized a doctoral courses program called “High studies on Comparative, Historical & Dogmatic Law”, to be held from November 3rd until 28th, 2014, hosted by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago. The financial support for the basic expenses of the program will be provided by the National Commission of Scientifical and Technological Research (CONICYT), through the Project “Anillo” of Associative Research, code SOC 1111, named “Historic-Dogmatic studies of Patrimonial Private Law: a review of the articles from books II & IV of the Chilean Civil Code”, addressed to both Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso. This academic event pretends to become the most important one for the development of Legal Science and Roman Law in Chile and Latin America.”

A select group of Roman-law scholars from across the globe were invited to deliver seminars on specific topics to a select group of doctoral and post-doctoral students. This blogger thoroughly enjoyed the lively and engaging discussions during his seminars. As the photos above will attest, it was all work all the time … Professor Carvajal and his team are to be thoroughly congratulated for hosting a world-class event.