Wander the Forum …


(Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Our colleagues at the Humboldt University, Berlin, have alerted us to the launching of a new digital reconstruction of the Roman Forum. Their release states:

“So famous is the Forum Romanum in Rome that it can prove difficult to get
an archaeological handle on the site’s multileveled history and material
forms. The new ‘Digital Forum Romanum’ project sets out to bring the site
back to historical life: exploiting a series of three-dimensional digital
reconstructions, and showcasing the Forum at different historical moments
between 200 B.C. and A.D. 310, the website aims to visualize the site’s
dynamic historical development; by bringing together images, videos and
texts about the Forum’s chronology and building structures, the website
also facilitates different perspectives into its history and research.
(Texts will soon also be available in English and Italian translation).

The ‘Digital Forum Romanum’ is a combined research and teaching project at
the Winckelmann-Institut of the Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin: it brings
together academics and students who have been working since 2011 in
cooperation with Berlin’s ‘TOPOI’ Exzellenzcluster and the Deutsches
Archaeologisches Institut. The website publishes the first phase of the
project’s results: it will be further developed over the ensuing months.

All images and videos published on the website are available for teaching,
research and private use (with due copyright acknowledgment: ©
digitales-forum-romanum). Written permission is required for all other
publication purposes”



Scholars of Roman law will be particularly interested in the meeting place of the senate, the rostra, the tabularium where records were kept and the basilica where the law courts sat.