Louisiana Civil Code: Compiled Edition

All those who research in the legal history of Louisiana are aware of the enduring value of the Compiled Edition of the Civil Codes of Louisiana, produced by the Louisiana State Law Institute pursuant to a 1938 Act of the State Legislature. Louisiana State University’s Law Centre has now digitized the pages of volume III of the Compiled Edition: http://digitalcommons.law.lsu.edu/la_civilcode/.

This means there is accessible, following the text of the Civil Code of 1870, the articles of the Digest of 1808 and the Civil Code of 1825, along with the relevant texts of the Code Napoleon and its Projet of 1800. The original volumes also included the Projets of the Civil Code of 1825 and of the Code of Practice. Perhaps the success of this endeavour will encourage the further digitization of this material.

This is an excellent resource for legal historians, and those who produce L.S.U. Digital Commons are to be congratulated and thanked.