Congratulations to Yale Law Library Rare Books Blog

This blog has often referred to and cited the Yale Law Library Rare Books Blog. On 5 April, 2013, the Yale blog celebrated its 5th birthday. On a blog entry of that date, Mike Widener mentioned what had been the most popular Blog Entry: "Holy Diploma! Is Batman a Yale Law School Alumnus?" See

In Edinburgh, alas, we can claim no superheroes as alumni or alumnae. We are a slightly older law school than Yale, however, with a first chair (Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations) founded in 1707, and the first law classes given in the University being those in Roman Law delivered in October 1710, by James Craig, the newly appointed Professor of Civil Law. (The Regius Professor of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations did not offer a class until 1711.)

This is a younger Blog than the Yale Law Library Rare Books Blog, but not by as much as your Blogger had initially thought. I see our first entry came on 9 January 2009 – incidentally the anniversary of Connecticut becoming a state in 1788 – so we are in our 5th year, and can celebrate our 5th birthday on 9 January, 2014. It does not seem so long, though Virgil's "sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus, singula dum capti circumvectamur amore" is no doubt as appropriate for rare book librarians as legal historians.

This said, it remains to congratulate the Yale Rare Law Books Blog on entering its sixth year. It also remains to recommend it as warmly as possible as one of the most interesting and enjoyable blogs in the legal historical blogosphere. It can be found at this address: