Bicentenary, Supreme Court of Louisiana & Martin’s Reports

2013 is the bicentenary of the Louisana Supreme Court, established under the State's constitution of 1812 after Louisiana's admission as a state of the Union. It is worth noting that 2013 has seen the investiture of the 25th Chief Justice, with the notable milestone of the new Chief Justice, the Hon. Bernette Joshua Johnson, being the first African-American Chief Justice in Louisiana. Chief Justice Johnson has been a judge since 1984; she has been a member of the Supreme Court since 1994.

On 1  March there were special celebrations of the bicentenary in the Supreme Court Buildings, the culmination of a year of events. See

One matter of particular interest is the publication on the website of the Court of historical legal material. This consists of a digitized version of the first Louisiana Reports, Martin's Reports, and two digitized MS minute books. Your blogger has already had passed some pleasant times, randomly browsing the volumes, searching by key words to see what turns up. See


This will be a significant asset to scholars, and is an excellent lasting memorial of the celebrations.