Bartolus de Saxoferrato

This blogger was interested to see the following call for papers. The theme of this year's conference is 'Bartolus de Saxoferrato and the legal as well as political thought of the Renaissance':




Every summer the Istituto Internazionale di Studi Piceni runs a conference on humanistic subjects at Sassoferrato (between Perugia and Ancona). It lasts for a week, of which Sun.-Wed. is taken up with seminars, Wed.-Sat. with papers. The atmosphere is relaxed and convivial. In 2013 the starting date is June 30th.


The seminars, in 2013 on satire ('La satira dall'antichità all'Umanesimo'), are designed for students at roughly doctoral level, and grants are offered that cover bed and board. Students who wish to attend and receive a grant should have enough Italian to profit from both the seminars and the papers.

Up to three grants will be available for students from the U. K. and the Republic of Ireland; applications or inquiries should be sent as soon as possible, but in any event by the end of November 2012, to Professor Michael Reeve (


Papers, which can be given in any of the main European languages, should not exceed 20 minutes. In 2013 the topic of the conference is 'Bartolo da Sassoferrato e il pensiero giuridico e politico nel Rinascimento', but other humanistic topics can be accommodated, especially if they concern the Marche (Picenum). Papers are published in Studi Umanistici Piceni, which has a fine record of appearing promptly. Anyone from the U. K. or the Republic of Ireland who would like to give a paper should get in touch with Michael Reeve (as above) by the end of November 2012.'


 Source: Classicists network – Liverpool