Anton Schultingh (1659-1734)

Anton Schulting or Schultingh (1659-1734), after teaching privately at Leiden, where he took his doctorate, held chairs at Harderwijk, Franeker, and Leiden. He is generally best known as a member of the Dutch elegant school of Roman Law (eg van den Bergh, Holländsiche Elegante Schule (2002) 206-208).

Your Blogger has recently seen a copy of Grotius, De jure belli ac pacis (1689), that bears what appears to be his name on the title page as owner. Even more interesting is that it is very extensively annotated in considerable detail. Some of the annotations suggest that the use being made of it relates to teaching, some dates suggesting this was when Schulting was in Franeker. As far as your blogger is aware this is the only evidence that Schulting ever taught a Collegium Grotianum, supposing the notes are indeed his.

Comparison with samples of Schultingh's hand will be made, and a further  Blog entry will follow. The volume is in a private collection.