Professor Emeritus William Gordon

As many readers of this Blog will know, Bill Gordon, Douglas Professor of Civil Law Emeritus at the University of Glasgow, died peacefully at home on 1 Septmber 2012. Rather fittingly,  after the Conference in Glasgow in commemoration of its disntiguished Alumnus, Lord Rodger, it was possible for those attending to go to the Thanksgiving Service for Bill at Jordanhill Parish Church, Glasgow on 8 Septmeber.

Bill was in many ways a quiet and unassuming man; but he was a very talented legal historian indeed. He studied in Aberdeen, where he had attended the classes of David Daube, as well having his doctorate supervised by Peter Stein; he also spent time in Leiden working on it at the chair of Robert Feenstra. With this pedgree and his achievements, his appointment as Douglas Professor in Glasgow in 1969 was well merited. He held the chair for thirty years.

Bill offered excellent service for many years as Literary Director of the Stair Society; and he long continued on its Council as a co-opted member, where his wisdom , experience, and understated, sly sense of humour were much appreciated. With this is mind he was elected Vice-President of thse Stair Society in 2011. His own University of Aberdeen honoured him with the honorary degree of LL.D. in 2005.