Workshop on the Scottish Sedition Trials: Stirling, Thursday, 14 June 2012

Our colleagues at Stirling are working towards an online edition of the Scottish sedition and treason trials of the 1790s – inspired by John Barrell and Jon Mee's Pickering and Chatto set of English trials, 1792-4. These trials are of great interest, and often mentioned, particularly by historians of the left, but are deserving of much further study. This project therefore looks set to be of great importance. The preliminary day is planned as follows:

9.30-10am   Coffee

10.00-11.15am Creating an online edition – Dr Alastair Mann and Dr Sarah Bromage.

11.15-11.45am Coffee

11.45am-1.00pm   Political issues – Dr Gordon Pentland

1.00-2.00pm   Lunch

2.00-3.15pm  Legal issues – Professor Lindsay Farmer

3.15-4.00pm Tea

4.00-5.00pm   The Scottish Trials for Sedition and Treason, 1793-8 – Professor Hector McQueen

5.00p.m. Reception 

For further information, please contact Gavin Little at

This promises to be a good day. Your blogger is particularly excited having many years ago reviewed Alan Wharum's The Treason Trials, 1794 for the SLT. They involve interesting characters such as Thomas Mure, a Bollinger Bolshevik if ever there was one, and the learned Lord Braxfield. Much modern understanding, however, is filtered through the prejudices concealed in the seductive writings of Lord Cockburn. More proper study is needed.