New Perspectives on locatio conductio in Roman Law 6-8 June 2012, Edinburgh: Online Booking Now Open

In the nearly 100 years since the publication of Emilio Costa’s La locazione di cose nel diritto romano (1915), the first monograph of the twentieth-century on letting and hiring in Roman law, modern understanding of this contract has changed significantly. The reasons for this are mainly twofold. First, scholars of Roman law, while still largely engaged in purely dogmatic investigations of the origins and development of legal rules and of the contributions of individual Roman jurists to this process, are slowly becoming more aware of the contexts in which these rules operated and their relation to Roman society such as, for example, in the work of Bruce Frier (Landlords and Tenants in Imperial Rome (1980)) and Dennis Kehoe (Investment, Profit and Tenancy: The Jurists and the Roman Agrarian Economy (1998)), to name but a few. In second place, the publication in 1999 of Roberto Fiori’s La definizione della ‘locatio conductio’ (1999) comprehensively transformed modern understanding of the conceptual structure of this contract and finally laid to rest the much debated issue of the 'trichotomy'. The aim of this conference is to bring together scholars with an interest in locatio conductio in Roman law (whether in Roman private or public law) to explore new insights (dogmatic, social, economic) into the origin and growth of this contract.

Speakers will include:
Professor Dr. Eva Jakab, Professor Jose Antonio Martinez Vela, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Ernst, Professor Roberto Fiori, Dr. Orietta Cordovana, Dr. Wolfram Buchwitz, Dr. Benedikt Forschner, and Dr. Paul du Plessis 

Online registration:

The conference fee is a flat £130. This includes all coffees/teas, lunches and the conference dinner.
No discounts are available.

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