Call for Papers: Law and Disputing in the Middle Ages

Law and Disputing in the Middle Ages

Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History IX
Copenhagen 9-11 May 2012

The conference is the ninth in an interdisciplinary series which aims at discussing new approaches to the study of medieval law and legal practice. The first conference, held in 2003, examined the question of how ‘Nordic' the medieval Scandinavian law codes actually were.

The upcoming ninth conference in this series continues along these interdisciplinary lines to embrace various aspects of the broad theme of the interrelation between law and the handling of conflicts inside and outside courts in medieval societies. The purpose of the conference is to enlighten and discuss how, in different periods and places in medieval Europe, legal conflicts were solved.

At the conference various thematic stands as for instance the relationship between litigation and court practice, disputed authorities, disputes solving in the learned law and the relationship between written law and custom.

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