Judah Benjamin and the Assets of the Confederacy

Readers of this Blog will be well aware of its interest in the legal history of Louisiana, and within it in the fascinating figure of Judah Benjamin, who, as well as being a Louisiana lawyer became first Attorney General, then Secretary of War, and then Secretary of State of the Confederacy, before fleeing to England with the collapse of the Confederacy, where he was called to the bar and had a second career as a lawyer, becoming a QC and writing a still standard work on sales.
The Blog therefore urges all who can to attend the paper of Catharine MacMillan who will address the next meeting of the London Legal History Seminar, which will be held on Friday 23 March, at 6 pm at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in Russell Square will, on ‘The Confederate’s Last Battle: Judah Benjamin’s legal defence of confederate assets in England’.

For those who do not know Ms MacMillan is a talented speaker and her novel work on Benjamin is of great importance. Alas, your blogger is unable to attend.