Comic Books, Legal History and Bentham, no. 2

Your blogger has now found his copy of the Ripley's Believe it or Not comic about Jeremy Bentham. It is no. 87 March, 1979, and is entitled "The Demon in the Glass Cage". It draws on some of the actual history and also the myths about Bentham's auto icon. The storyline basically is that in University College, eventually the dons resolve no longer to have Bentham at meetings, noted as "present but not voting", and mocking the auto icon, decide to put it in a store room. The auto icon takes its revenge. The comic contains one of my favourite lines ever: "It's a monster – a Demon! It's Jeremy Bentham!" I shall check the copyright position and see if I can post an image from the comic – meanwhile images of the badly embalmed actual head, the wax head, and his portrait. For more serious information about this  undoubtedly great Enlightenmment thinker, see