The de la Vergne Volume and Louisiana Legal History

The Blog's interest in the legal history of Louisiana is obvious. One important source for understanding the period post-Purchase is the de la Vergne volume, an interleaved and annotated copy of the Digest of the Civil Laws of the Territory of Orleans (1808). Dating from 1814, the de la Vergne volume is based on notes made by Louis Moreau Lislet, one of the redactors of the Digest. Reprints of the volume are available in some major law libraries, but the Blog is delighted to post some photographs of the original, owned by Mr Louis de la Vergne. The Blog acknowledges the permission of Mr de la Vergne as well as of Professor Olivier Moreteau of Louisiana State University. The photographs include as well as Mr de la Vergne, holding the volume, Professor Emeritus Robert Pascal, Professor Moreteau, and Dr Agustin Parise. The Blog is grateful to Ms Georgia Chadwick of the State Law Library of Louisiana.