Ulric Huber – New Book

The Gerard Noodt Instituut of Nijmegen, as no 52 of its series, Rechtshistorichse Reeks van het Gerard Noodt Instituut, has just published M. L Hewett, Ulric Huber (1636-1694), De Ratione Juris Docendi & Discendi Diatribe per Modum Dialogi (2010) ISBN 978-90-71478-79-6, at 40 euros. A doctoral dissertation of the University of Amsterdam, it contains the Latin text and translation of Huber's Dialogus, very important for understanding the history of legal education, with introduction and chapters discussing the work in context. Dr Hewett is well known to legal historians for her translations of the old Dutch authorities. This is an important addition to the literature. It can be ordered through a bookshop or by email to t.vandendobbelsteen@jur.ru.nl