David Daube: 100 years

A Meeting was held at King’s College, University of Aberdeen on 27-28 February 2009 to mark the centenary of the birth of David Daube (8 Feb. 1909- 24 Feb. 1999).

Daube's first chair was at Aberdeen and he and his family retained a considerable affection for the city and the University, which now contains his library and papers. The conference covered all aspects of Daube's life and scholarship, with many moving accounts from his family and students. This wonderful event was organised by Professor Emeritus David Carey Miller along with members of Daube's family. There was an illuminating exhibition of papers and books at the University's Department of Special Collections, and at the conference Dinner a slide-show of photographs. Two of Daube's sons and one of his grandsons spoke at the dinner.

The programme was as follows:

Opening address: Vice Principal Christopher Gane

Chair: Reuven Yaron
William Gordon – An undergraduate’s view
Hector MacQueen – David Daube and T B Smith
John Cairns – David Daube’s Roman Law at Aberdeen
Comment – Geoffrey MacCormack

Chair Alan Watson
Bernard Jackson  – Law, Narrative and Theology: Daube on the Prodigal Son
Calum Carmichael – Daube on Jacob’s Red, Red Dish (Genesis 25), and the Riddle of the Red Heifer (Numbers 19)
Robert Segal – Daube on causation in the Bible

Chair Alan Rodger
Joachim Schaper – Daube on Deuteronomy and Recent Work on Biblical Law
William Horbury – Daube and the Cambridge New Testament Seminar
Comment – Larry Hurtado

Chair: Boudewijn Sirks
Ernest Metzger – The Person behind the Text
David Ibbetson – Daube at Cambridge and Roman law Scholarship

Alan Rodger – Professor Buckland and Daube: a
Cambridge Friendship
Tiziana Chiusi – David Daube at the Leopold-Wenger
Comment – David Johnston

Chair: Kathleen Vanden Heuvel
Gero Dolezalek – Daube’s Books
Nancy Scheper-Hughes – The Tyranny of the Gift: 'Tipping' and Sacrifice in Living Donor Transplants

Chair Fergus Millar
Alan Watson – David Daube: a Personal Reminiscence
Reuven Yaron – Doktorvater, Doktorsohn
Concluding comments: Calum Carmichael; Alan Rodger

Closing remarks – Jonathan Daube

See further: www.law.berkeley.edu/library/daube/