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The Edinburgh Legal History Blog is written by John Cairns, Paul du Plessis, Hector MacQueen, Guido Rossi, Thomas Green, Karen Baston, and occasional guests. It is devoted to the study of Scottish and European Legal History as well as to the civilian tradition in general.

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  1. Mathias Fazekas says:

    Dear Karen Baston,

    I am a university student in Budapest, Hungary.

    I recently read your article concerning the lecture “Possession, Prescription and Uncertain Land Titles in Louisiana: 1808-1825”, which states that “The case of Foster & Elam v Neilson (1829) was only the first of seventy-cases over the next thirty years” and Professor Lovett “found twenty-five court decisions in which the court filled in gaps in the law”. http://www.elhblog.law.ed.ac.uk/2011/05/23/louisiana-the-legal-history-of-europe-in-a-single-us-state/

    The article only cites one case and I would be interested in all of them. Would you be so kind as to send me the rest?

    Thank you.

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